Irish stamps: Organ Donors Save Lives


22 March 2019
An Post has issued a special national postage stamp highlighting the importance of organ donation to the lives of people living in Ireland.

One of Ireland’s longest surviving heart donor recipients, An Post staff member, Andy Kavanagh and double lung transplant recipient, David Crosby who is preparing to run his third full marathon in honour of his donor, recently launched the special stamp.
Coinciding with Organ Donation Awareness Week (30 March – 6 April 2019) the Organ Donors Save Lives stamp will raise awareness of the gift of life that is organ donation with donor cards also available in every Post Office.
An Post is joining with the HSE’s Organ Donation Transplant Ireland (ODTI) to ask the Irish public to talk with family about their wish to be an organ donor #havethatconversation.  Talking to family about being an organ donor is the most important step in ensuring your wish can happen.  Carrying an organ donor card is another clear sign, as is having this information included on your driver’s licence.
Speaking at the GPO, Debbie Byrne Managing Director of An Post Retail said:

“The new organ donation stamp will help raise public awareness by delivering a simple but a key message to customers sending and receiving mail - ‘Be An Organ Donor, Save Lives’.  An Post wants to spark a national conversation in Ireland’s post offices, kitchens, cars, playgrounds and wherever families are gathering. We want staff and customers to have that chat about their wishes for donation. And we invite everyone to pick up a donor card at their local Post Office.”

Prof Jim Egan, Director HSE, ODTI added:

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“I’d like to thank An Post for the creation of this special stamp.  It will create more public awareness about organ donation.  It is only because of the generosity of the Irish public that patients can receive the life-saving treatment of an organ transplant. Our message is simple:  Organ Donation Saves Lives.”

Designed by Zero-G, the stamp and first day cover feature an hourglass timer to represent the precious nature of time and the gift of life passing from one person to another through organ donation.  When the stamp is scanned by a smart device with the Cee App installed, users will be redirected to the web page.
Organ Donation and Transplant Ireland (ODTI) was established to provide governance, integration and leadership for Organ Donation and Transplantation in Ireland. The Office is dedicated to saving and improving lives by improving organ donation rates in Ireland.