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The stamps of Swedish designer Signe Hammarsten-Jansson
Few countries have had their stamp designs so dominated as had Finland by Signe Hammarsten-Jansson. Richard Tarrant…
10 April 2019
A lion and an angel: France's wartime pride
In his latest expert blog, Dr David Parker shares his research on World War I stamps that exemplify France's national…
01 April 2019
Belgium's buildings, monuments and wartime publicity, 1914-19 - stamp blog
In his latest expert stamp guide, Dr David Parker looks at what Belgium stamps of 1914 to 1919 can tell us about the…
25 March 2019
Stamp blog: The fraught history of postwar Vilnius and the Polish Republic of…
In the latest in his stamp blog series, Dr David Parker takes a look at the postwar history of Vilnius and the Polish…
04 March 2019
Stamps and Latvia's bloodstained path to independence in 1918
In his latest blog, Dr David Parker introduces the stamps that chart Latvia's long road to independence in 1918.
07 February 2019
Stamps reflecting Balkan instability before 1914
Dr David Parker provides an expert guide to the periodic issue of stamps vividly tracking the lead up to World War I…
04 February 2019
How to collect duck stamps
Possibly one of the most successful conservation projects in the US, the sale of 'duck stamps' has raised more than $725…
24 November 2018
Sputnik and the space race on stamps
The Russian Sputnik programme triggered off the space race, changed the way we communicate and gave philatelists an…
04 November 2018
How to collect zeppelin covers
In the early 20th century, the Graf Zeppelin airship made pioneering flights across South and North America, creating an…
28 October 2018

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