Monaco stamp marks saving lives


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12 January 2023
Monaco's newest stamp issue celebrates the ten-year anniversary of the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, whose mission is to save lives by fighting against drowning

Set up in 2012, the Foundation’s objectives are to raise awareness of the dangers of water and to teach children preventive measures and how to swim. 

According to the World Health Organisation, drowning is a major public health concern that has caused 2.5million deaths over the last decade, and in many countries it’s one of the major causes of death amongst children. 

The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation has three programmes that support and fund educational projects. Learn to Swim and Water Safety provide children and adults with theoretcial and practical training to deal with water hazards. The Sport & Education programme organises sports events and encourages people to get involved in sporting activities.

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The 10 Years of the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation stamp has a value of €1.16. 40,000 have been issued. A sheet of ten stamps with illuminations and a First Day Cover are also available.