Jersey’s Western Railway celebrated on new stamps set


20 May 2024
Jersey Post have released a set of 6 stamps and a souvenir sheet which illustrates landmarks, locomotives and crew from the Jersey Western Railway which existed and operated between 1870 and 1936.

Each of the 6 stamps is a reproduction of original artwork painted by local artist Kevin Pallot and include St Aubyns No. 2 locomotive (60p), St Heliers No. 1 locomotive and crew (98p), St Brelade’s no. 4 locomotive (98p), Corbière No. 3 locomotive and cre (£1.65), two trains passing on La Corbière loop line (£2.15) and a Sentinel-Cammell Steam Railcar and crew (£2.95). The stamp sheet and first day issue cover includes an illustration of the western portion of the island of Jersey, with a red line marking the route of the train. 

The Jersey Western Railway set is available to purchase from Jersey Post, with the Pocket Money set available for just £1.58. Other issues available include a souvenir sheet, postcard set, presentation pack and sheet set. 

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Above: The set of 6 stamps designed by local artist Kevin Pallot illustrates the Jersey Western Railway which ran between 1870 and 1936.

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The history of Jersey's Western Railway

Around 1925, the railway was at the height of its success and operated an intensive timetable which peaked at 32 trains along the 7¾ miles of track. The railway suffered many challenges during the period, with the track subject to erosion by high tides and stormy weather. From 1928 there was a gradual decline in use due to the rapid rise of buses and private cars. By the winter of 1932, the service had to be withdrawn and in its final form it was a single-track route with passing places at the termini, Millbrook, St Aubin and Don Bridge. 

The final closure of the line came after a fire at St Aubin’s station destroyed 16 carriages and the roof of St Aubin station in October 1936. The line didn’t reopen for the summer season in 1937 and all locomotives and railcars were scrapped that year. 

During the German occupation of the island, some of the stretches of the railway were rebuilt by the occupying forces and some new lines were assembled to move materials around the island. After the island was liberated in 1945, the line was removed. 

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Jersey's Western Railway route today

Although the railway hasn’t been in operation for over 80 years, the original route that runs along the west coast of Jersey from the capital of St Helier to the coastal region of La Corbière, is still a key part of island life. 

Today, the route is a scenic walking path and former station buildings have been converted into cafes, restaurants, private dwellings and the old terminal at St Aubin has been converted into St Aubin Parish Hall.