Serbian stamps honour Djokovic


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04 January 2022
Serbia Post have issued a pair of se-tenant stamps in honour of tennis player Novak Djokovic, marking the first time the country has issued a stamp for a national athlete. 

The two stamps show illustrations of the world number one in action, whilst the selvage around each design lists the many major tournaments Djokovic has won during his remarkable career.

Djokovic's recent attempts to play in the Australian Open tournament have grabbed headlines around the world, due to his stance on Covid vaccinations, with many Serbians defending the tennis star.

A spokesperson for Serbia Post said: ‘Joining Novak’s march towards new titles and records, the Post of Serbia is honouring for the first time, by this extraordinary emission of commemorative stamps, an individual athlete ‒ the one who embedded in golden letters his name and the name of Serbia in the history of sports.’

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The stamp release also explains that, in addition to dominating the sport and winning twenty grand slam titles, Djokovic is a great humanitarian and philanthropist.

‘Personally and through his foundation he helped people in Serbia numerous times, and within this 48 kindergartens in our country have been reconstructed, adapted and equipped, thus reaching 47,500 children and 7,500 parents while 2,200 teachers and pedagogues have been supported in their work. He has been awarded Oder of St. Sava and Order of Karađorđe’s Star, and numerous international honours for benefaction.’

Issue date: 16 December 2021,

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