Postcrossing stamp promotes postcard craze


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08 May 2019
Åland Post have paid tribute to the popular pastime of ‘Postcrossing’, the international postcard movement, with a single stamp featuring a heart-shaped perforation inside the stamp image.

The idea of Postcrossing is to send and receive postcards from anyone anywhere in the world and, according to Aland Post, the movement has boosted the writing of postcards since it began in 2005.

The statement for the stamp release detailed: ‘The world’s first association for the hobby was established in Tampere in 2015. Since then, the Finnish Postcrossing Friends Association has arranged several popular postcrossing meet-ups in Åland. 7 June sees the next meet-up, which will be the largest event, so far, and includes the presence of stamp artist Cecilia Mattsson who will sign the issue.’

Brand manager of Åland Post Cecilia Mattsson, said: ‘Sketching for the stamp, I assumed that what people love about postcrossing is the exchange between people in the entire world and the joy of finding new friends. The heart-shaped perforation, the colour scale and the world map are all meant to convey these sensations. I also looked at other postcrossing stamps to ensure that this stamp would be unique and not resemble any of the previously issued stamps.’

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The stamps come in sheets of 28 stamps and are available from Aland Post website.


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