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The stamp schedule for 2022 is as follows…

  • 20 Jan - The Rolling Stones
  • 4 Feb - Queen's Platinum Jubilee
  • 18 Feb - The Stamp Designs of David Gentleman
  • 8 Mar - The FA Cup
  • 23 Mar - Heroes of the Covid Pandemic
  • 7 Apr - Migratory Birds
  • 5 May - Unsung Heroes: Women of World War II
  • 9 Jun - Cats
  • 1 Jul - To be announced
  • 28 Jul - Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games
  • 1 Sep - To be announced
  • 29 Sep - Royal Marines
  • 19 Oct - To be announced
  • 3 Nov - Christmas 2022
  • 24 Nov - Tutankhamun
Your guide to barcoded stamps
Royal Mail's announcement that it is adding unique barcodes to all its definitive stamps, with non-barcoded stamps to be…
06 April 2022
An introduction to Machin stamps
It may just be the most reproduced image in the history of the world. The Machin stamp design, named after sculptor…
02 April 2022
‘Covid Heroes’ stamps from Royal Mail
Royal Mail have revealed the winners, and subsequent stamp designs, of their ‘Covid Heroes’ competition, which…
23 March 2022
David Gentleman designs return to GB stamps
Royal Mail have revealed the design of a special miniature sheet featuring ‘The Stamp Designs of David Gentleman’, which…
17 February 2022
New stamps mark Queen's Platinum Jubilee
Royal Mail celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II with a new set of eight stamps that recall moments in…
04 February 2022
Rolling Stones stamps from Royal Mail
Royal Mail issue twelve stamps as a tribute to one of the most enduring rock groups of all time – The Rolling Stones.
11 January 2022
Royal Mail stamps 2021
Discover more about the 2021 special stamps issued by Royal Mail.
01 January 2022
Royal Mail's Christmas 2021 stamps
It’s that time again and, as we keep our fingers crossed for a more sociable season of goodwill this year, Royal Mail…
02 December 2021
Rugby Union stamps from Royal Mail
Royal Mail's eight stamps celebrate the 150th anniversaries of the formation of the Rugby Football Union (RFU) and the…
05 October 2021

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