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19 February 2021
No peeking! Here are the answers to the philatelic quiz, see how many you got right!

How many did you get right? Find out here with the answers to stamp quiz #2.

Stamp Quiz # 2 Answers

  1. What was the highest value in Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation set of four?
    ANSWER: The 1s6d blue
  2. Name the goddess who featured on the 6d stamp of the UPU 75th Anniversary Set issued in 1949. 
    ANSWER: The Goddess Concordia  
  3. A four-wheeled vehicle is seen on the GB 1946 Victory Set. What is it?
    ANSWER: A tractor
  4. What were the colours of the four stamps issued during the reign of King Edward VIII?
    ANSWER: Green, Red, Brown, Blue
  5. Where is the value symbol positioned on the King George V UPU £1 stamp?
    ANSWER: Bottom right
  6. In which year were postage stamps first issued in the Falkland Islands?
    ANSWER: 1878
  7. In which year did New Zealand first issue airmail stamps?  
    ANSWER: 1931
  8. Which bird featured first on a postage stamp of New South Wales; and in which year?
    ANSWER: Emu in 1888
  9. In which currency were the first De La Rue stamps of Cyprus issued?
    ANSWER: Piastres
  10. In which year were GB stamps first overprinted for the Provisional Government of Ireland?
    ANSWER: 1922

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