Your guide to thematics - collecting stamps by theme, also known as 'topical stamp collecting'

Your guide to collecting stamps honouring Galileo
We take a look at the life of the physicist, mathematician and astronomer Galileo and chart the many stamps to have…
10 October 2018
How to collect United Nations stamps
Explore a range of stamps, ranging from world peace to the plight of endangered species, in our guide to starting a…
08 October 2018
Your guide to John Lennon stamps
The issue of a 2018 USA stamp honouring British songwriter and member of the Beatles, John Lennon (and featuring a…
01 October 2018
A history of comic books and super-heroes on stamps
The comic book may be almost 100 years old but the unique combination of literature and art is as popular as ever, and…
26 September 2018
Start a new thematic - postage stamps featuring music stars
Fancy adding some star quality to your stamp collection? Why not start a music stars thematic?
10 September 2018
Your guide to stamps honouring philosopher and physician Albert Schweitzer
We take a closer look at some of the many stamps that honour Albert Schweitzer, the philosopher and physician born in…
05 April 2018
Top five World War I centenary stamps - thematics
Commemorate the centenary of the Great War of 1914-1918 with our pick of five commemorative World War I stamps issued by…
14 July 2017
Top five USA migration stamps - thematics
Explore the history of migration in the USA with our guide to five top stamps on the theme.
09 June 2017
Top five underground railway stamps - thematics
Take a trip through transport history with our guide to collecting stamps on the theme of underground railway and subway…
12 May 2017

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