Your guide to thematics - collecting stamps by theme, also known as 'topical stamp collecting'

Top five early bird stamps - thematics
Enhance your stamp collection with a thematic devoted to bird stamps, as Ed Fletcher identifies beautiful designs from…
10 April 2017
Top five Rotary International stamps
Explore the work of a global organisation by building a collection featuring the humanitarian work of Rotary…
09 March 2017
Top five United Nations stamps
Explore a range of issues, ranging from World Peace to the plight of endangered species, in our guide to the top five…
09 February 2017
Top five classic vehicle stamps - thematics
Add vintage to your theme by seeking pre-1960s stamps depicting motor vehicles to your stamp collection.
13 January 2017
How to start a books and printing thematic
Explore the history of communications, from cave paintings through to glossy magazines, with our guide to five top…
09 December 2016
Top five Captain Cook stamps - thematics
Start a thematic which tells the story of explorer Captain James Cook, the ships in which he sailed and the countries he…
11 November 2016
Top five Americana stamps - thematics stamp collecting
Create a collection of stamps celebrating the culture, geography and history of the United States with our Americana…
11 October 2016
Top five space stamps
Enjoy the excitement of the space race with our guide to five top space-themed stamps.
09 September 2016
Top five map stamps
Get your map-themed stamp collection off to a great start with our pick of five top map stamps.
12 August 2016

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