USA celebrate Hot Wheels toy cars on 'Forever' stamps


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29 September 2018
In celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of Hot Wheels toy cars, the US Postal Service has issued twenty stamps showing off some of the classic toy car’s most outrageous designs.

The ten new 'Forever' stamps each showcase a Hot Wheels car speeding along the familiar bright orange track.

At the stamps' unveiling, USPS Marketing Vice President Steve Monteith said:

'Today, we make history as the Postal Service and our partners at Mattel are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Hot Wheels with these dynamic stamps showcasing the iconic toys that were a part of my childhood and that of my children. These miniature works of art truly capture the thrill and excitement of these legendary vehicles and now will speed their way as Forever stamps on millions of cards and letters.'

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Each stamp shows the name of the car whilst the well-known Hot Wheels logo appears in the top right corner.

The Hot Wheels cars depicted are:

  • The aptly named Purple Passion (1990), a super sleek metallic purple and green model.
  • Equipped with a roof-mounted rocket, the Rocket-Bye-Baby (1971) is one of the most aggressive racers in Hot Wheels history.
  • Perfect for Halloween, the spooky Rigor Motor (1994) is a coffin-shaped hot rod that is powered by a huge engine adorned with two skulls.
  • A spectacularly powerful version of a classic muscle car, the Rodger Dodger (1974) has a giant engine bursting out of its hood.
  • With a twin turbo V6 hybrid engine and wide front air intakes built to look like a predatory fish, the Mach Speeder (2018) is a true 21st-century racer.
  • The Twin Mill (1969) is one of the most iconic Hot Wheels cars of all-time. The speed machine features dual big-block engines.
  • The distinctive Bone Shaker (2006) is a hot rod with a fierce-looking skull for a grille. The car has a massive short-block engine made to rattle your bones.
  • The HW40 (2008), a car introduced to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Hot Wheels, features a jet turbine engine. The space-age vehicle features a futuristic glass hood.
  • The original surfboard-toting Deora (1968) was included in the first Hot Wheels line. The souped up Deora II, showcased on the stamp, came out in 2000.
  • The Sharkruiser (1987) is a carnivore on wheels. The completely unique design features fins, a tail, a sharp-toothed grille and a roaring V8 engine.
  • The Hot Wheels brand was founded when Mattel co-founder Elliot Handler challenged his design team to create a toy car that was cooler and performed better than anything on the market. Mattel soon introduced its bright orange tracks, which provided children unlimited ways to test out stunts and racing skills.