USS Missouri battleship honoured with Forever stamp


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14 May 2019
The United States Postal Service has released details and design for a new stamp honouring the battleship USS Missouri.

The famed American battleship is being honoured to coincide with the 75th anniversary of her commissioning on 11 June 1944.

The battleship was affectionately nicknamed “Mighty Mo,” and had a historic role in World War II. On 2 September 945, military officials from the Allied powers and imperial Japan convened on her deck and signed the documents confirming Japan’s surrender and ending the war. 

The stamp art depicts Missouri from a low vantage point almost at sea level, cutting through the water at a moderate speed commensurate with entering or leaving port. Large and imposing in the frame, Missouri is shown in the disruptive camouflage she wore from her commissioning until a refit in early 1945. Clouds loom in the background, tinged with gold and rose from the sun’s rays.

Stamp details

Issue date: 11 June 2019


Design: Greg Breeding

Illustration: Dan Cosgrove

Denomination: Forever

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(image copyright USPS)