Webinar: Fakes, Forgeries and Funnies


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Join Marcus Orsi and Devlan Kruck from the Museum of Philately for this expert stamp collecting webinar and discover more about fakes, forgeries and funnies.

Famous fakes and the people who created them


Whether it’s defrauding the postal authorities, or the endeavours of criminals to deceive buyers with altered or manufactured material; fakes and forgeries are as old as the stamps themselves.

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In this webinar we lift the lid on this fascinating topic of philatelic crime, highlighting the artistry of Sperati, down to the funnies which have become a fundamental aspect of our hobby as a result of opportunists and professionals.

Learn how to identify a regummed stamp

The webinar includes a practical section on ‘how to identify a regummed stamp’. If you’ve ever wanted to know the basics about ‘gum’ and how to tell if a stamp has been regummed, then this overview of the often mystifying subject is essential. From what is an unused stamp, to what is redistributed gum, you’ll be able to spot the original gum from the regummed.

Session includes presentation, practical, and Q&A session. The webinar recording will be available to attendees for fourteen days after broadcast.

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About the speakers

Marcus Orsi, Senior Philatelist at David Feldman SA
Marcus joined David Feldman in 1981, and has risen to become the company’s Head of Philately. In this role, Marcus has taken the lead in building upon David Feldman’s legacy by expanding the brand and its international exposure. Marcus has a leading role in business-getting, regularly travelling around the world to pick up new collections for auction. His philatelic specialities include the Middle East, Worldwide Classics and British Empire.

Devlan Kruck, Regional Representative UK at David Feldman SA
Devlan is based in the UK, currently living in Cambridgeshire, a professional philatelist and philatelic journalist for the last eleven years, who’s been studying stamps for over 30 years. He is a member of the Great Britain Philatelic Society (GBPS) and the Cambridge Philatelic Society and had literally hundreds of articles published in philatelic publications, and has been a regular face at all the main stamp shows and fairs in the UK for the last decade, where he has specialised in the supply of GB & Commonwealth material.