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NEW LOOK and NEW FEATURES! Even more insight into the stamp market including a guide to attending a stamp auction, latest prices, catalogue values, and dealer advice. Plus, special forensic philately report, and much much more!

On Sale: 14/12/2018

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What's in this Issue?

The January issue of Stamp Collector, the new name for Stamp & Coin Mart, will see a subtle redesign and the introduction of a number of new features, giving readers more insight into the stamp market and how to add to their collection. Highlights include:

• Forensic philately special report: John Plater, a lecturer in chemistry at Aberdeen University, presents an overview on lilac six pence stamps of the Victorian era and dispels the frequently quoted myth that the lilac one penny British stamp was dyed with mauveine

• New-look market insight pages, including:

            • A guide to attending a stamp auction

            • New ’Thrill of the Hunt’ column following one collector’s experience of searching for an elusive stamp

            • ’Stamp Detective’ column detailing a different stamp each month, and how much you should pay for it

            • A quick guide to the George V PUC £1 black and recent prices paid for the classic GB stamp

• The story of a British cover that followed a sailor around the world in 1950

• The postal history of Fife explained

• Canada’s 1897 Jubilee issue detailed in ‘Celebrated Sets’

• Stamp Champions interview, with stamp YouTuber Graham Beck

…and much more!

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