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Royal Mail pay homage to 007, take a look at the stamp collections in The British Library, and find out how invert errors put the stamp world in a spin

On Sale: 13/03/2020

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What's in this Issue?

April’s Stamp Collector sees the launch of the brand new ‘Philatelic Focus’ pages, which will focus on the more learned side of the hobby, featuring the latest philatelic news and exhibitions, a spotlight on items from the Royal Philatelic Society London Collections and the British Library Philatelic Collections. Plus more in-depth studies on stamps from around the world. We start the new feature with part one of an in-depth guide to stamp printing techniques.

Also new to April’s magazine is our ‘New Stamps’ pages, bringing readers details of the latest stamp issues from around the world.

The April issue also examines famous ‘inverts’ from around the world, revealing how these upside-down designs came about and what prices they have achieved on the collecting market. As we focus on unusual stamps, we also take a look at the many differently shaped stamps which have not following the usual rectangular format in a special thematics guide.

Our Market Insight pages include a price guide to the ‘German wartime forgeries of the KGVI 1937 definitives’ – giving dealers an opportunity to share their latest sales and contact details.

Our stamp guides feature the Black Swan stamps of Western Australia and the fascinating 1906 Bosnia and Hercegovina definitives, and we bring you all the latest news, views, and auction updates.

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