Stamp Collector - August 2024

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New issue now available! This issue we're looking at Bermuda's 1953 definitives plus all the new stamp releases and auction results!

On Sale: 12/07/2024

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What's in this Issue?

Build your knowledge, build your collection

Packed with expert guides and collecting tips, Stamp Collector helps you build your knowledge and your collection. Also included is your full issue of Coin Collector magazine.

What’s in this issue:
Celebrated Sets: Your guide to Bermuda’s 1953 definitives.
Postal History: How to identify book and roll stamps on cover.
Collecting by Theme: Discover palaeontology on stamps.
US Coins: Assessing the sales of Morgan Dollars from the Carson City Mint.
Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms: When kings of all England emerged
Market Insight: Your guide to the latest stamp and coin sales, plus France’s 1924 Olympic stamp issue and the future of small change.

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