Stamp Collector July 2020

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Stamp projects to do at home, WIN Coronation Street stamps, Britain's most expensive stamps explained, plus a guide to marginal markings

On Sale: 12/06/2020

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What's in this Issue?

The July issue of Stamp Collector features an in-depth look at GB High Values, described as Britain’s most expensive and desirable stamps. The focus on the high value stamps includes iconic stamps such as the £5 Orange, £1 Green, and the 1882 £1 brown lilac.

We also take a look at stamp margins, explaining how marginal instructions were used by the Post Office, how they have become an intriuging part of philately, and how much you should be paying for multiples featuring margins.

Meanwhile, our Celebrated Sets series this month explains how a British printer created one of Turkey’s finest sets (Views of Constantinople, 1914), which went on to enjoy a long, diverse and fascinating life.

As we continue our ‘Keeping you collecting’ campaign, we bring readers another project to do at home, focusing on keeping in touch with the wider world by sending postcards, and we feature another update on the growing number of stamps, postmarks and covers issued to address the Covid19 crisis.

Our Philatelic Focus pages once again look inside the collections at both the Royal Philatelic Society London and the British Library, profiles another eminent philatelist, and features a guide to semi-postal stamps.

Articles to inspire a themed collection include our ongoing tour of the world, this time taking in New York; and our postal history pages decipher the marks on intriguing items.

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