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Stamp projects to do at home, the latest GB stamps, how much to pay for a Barbados 1855 Britannia and more!

On Sale: 08/05/2020

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What's in this Issue?

June’s Stamp Collector takes us to far-off locations as we take a look at the unique postal methods used on remote islands as varied as St Kilda, in the Orkneys; Pitcairn Islands, in the southern Pacific Ocean; and Niuafo’ou Island, where the locals receive deliveries via the extraordinary Tin Can Mail.

As stamp collectors around the world find themselves with more time on their hands, we suggest five stamp projects to do from home.

Our Market Insight pages include a price guide to the classic 1855 set from Barbados, and we celebrate the Malta Definitives issued from 1926 to 1930.

In our already popular ‘Philatelic Focus’ pages, which give readers an expert insight into philately, we chart the fascinating stamps of the Gilbert & Ellice Isles, using examples from The British Library; and continue our comprehensive guide to stamp printing methods.

Our postal history pages take a look at material from Leicestershire, and we examine a 16th-century entire sent days before the Great Fire of London.

We bring readers details of the very latest stamps issued around the world, and provide more market insight with the latest online and auction prices.

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