Stamp Collector March 2020

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We pay homage to Britain's stamp artists, learn how to start a polar postal history collection, WIN the new 'Visions of the Universe' stamps and all of the latest stamp news and insights

On Sale: 14/02/2020

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What's in this Issue?

The March issue of Stamp Collector is a ‘BUY & SELL SPECIAL’ packed with market insight and advice to give collectors all the information they need to buy and sell with confidence.

The special issue includes:

Advice on the different ways to buy and sell stamps, including tips on auctions

Q&As with traders and collecting experts

An in-depth guide to ‘must-have’ GB and Commonwealth stamps and their prices

Advice on starting a postal history collection, what to buy and where to look

Meanwhile, the issue will also feature an in-depth feature on the art of British stamps, celebrating the artists and illustrators that have contributed to GB stamps over the years and highlighting the aesthetic appeal of our wonderful hobby.

The ever-popular Celebrated Sets article details the Bosnia and Herzegowina definitive stamps of 1906, and we also bring you our regular guides to collecting by theme, postal history, new issues, and more.

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