Stamp Collector October 2019

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Comes with 5 limited edition postcards, and the official Stampex Autumn 2019 show guide. Plus we celebrate 50 years of Jersey and Guernsey stamps

On Sale: 13/09/2019

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Digital Edition: £4.99

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What's in this Issue?

Inside the October 2019 issue of Stamp Collector magazine:

Your official Stampex Autumn 2019 show guide: Everything you need to know about this September's show in London

Five limited edition postcards, courtesy of Mark Bloxham stamps. 

Fifty years of Channel Islands stamps
We celebrate the 50th anniversary of Jersey and Guernsey stamps, which were introduced in October 1969, providing a guide to the two islands’ stamp history and, with the help of members of the Channel Islands Specialists Society, picking out the stamps you need to add to your albums

Full preview of the 50th anniversary stamps, plus your chance to WIN over £150-worth of Jersey and Guernsey stamps

GB Stamp Quiz
Test your knowledge of Victorian stamps and why they were issued

In-depth collecting guides
Your guide to stamps of the British Occupation of Former Italian Colonies
The first definitives of independent India, and how to collect them
Your thematic guide to 'Europe' and EU stamps

…and so much more
More market insight, with auction updates, online prices, and more
Previews of the latest stamps from Britain, Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man
Your chance to win Royal Mail's new 'Navy Ships' stamps

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