Stamp Collector September 2020

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USA Special - The Mayflower journey on stamps. Plus, New Zealand's Penny Post in detail, WIN the new GB stamps, and a Greek classic stamp explained

On Sale: 14/08/2020

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What's in this Issue?

September’s Stamp Collector is a USA SPECIAL as we mark the 400th anniversary of The Mayflower’s journey to America.

In-depth guides to US stamps include:

The early banknote issues explained in detail

Expert advice on collecting high quality US stamps

The Mayflower’s voyage told on stamps

The Native American Experience on US stamps

And there’s so much more!

Discover the latest prices for the 1955 £1 ‘Windsor Castle’ – a QE2 classic!

The story behind New Zealand’s penny post stamps

An increible collection of the stamps of Croatia

Adventures of a Newbie! Our new column tackles the questions newcomers often ask

…and see the highlights of the hugely popular All About Stamps Competition.

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