Martin Mörck Signed Print – Gandhi (as featured on the UN $2.75 definitive stamp, 2019)

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Order a signed print of Mahatma Gandhi's detailed, engraved portrait created by stamp engraver Martin Mörck. This portrait was created for the United Nations' $2.75 definitive stamp, issued in October 2019.

On Sale: 07/03/2022

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Martin Mörck Signed Print – Gandhi (as featured on the UN $2.75 definitive stamp, 2019)

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We're delighted to be working with Martin to offer you these limited edition prints, reproducing artwork which has been used for official stamps.

Martin Mörck is the world's most prolific living stamp artist. He has designed and/or engraved more than 900 different stamp motifs issued by 28 postal administrations. He was commissioned to create the Mahatma Gandhi stamp for 2019.

He created this portrait of Mahatma Gandhi for the United Nations' definitive stamp, released in October 2019 to commemorate Gandhi's 150th birthday on 2 October. The $2.75 Mahatma Gandhi stamp was used by the U.N. post office at the U.N. headquarters in New York City.

Each print mimics the feel of the engraving and is individually signed by Martin Mörck. 

Please allow 14 days for delivery. Your copy will directly from the artist. Postage stamp not included. Print measures 210mm x 145mm.

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