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08 July 2020
The British North America Philatelic Society Ltd., BNAPS, is an international organisation devoted to the collecting and study of the stamps, postal markings, and postal history of Canada and the pre-Confederation colonies.

Whether you are at the start of your Canadian adventure or have already developed areas of expertise you will find a warm BNAPS welcome when you become a member. Our members - whether general collectors, respected dealers or distinguished authors - enjoy good conversation and correspondence about all aspects of BNA philately.
Any person of good character may become a member and share in the many benefits and resources the Society offers. (Persons under 18 years of age require parental sponsorship.)

So, if you have an interest in BNA philately anywhere from the colonial era to modern first day covers please join us and further your enjoyment of the hobby in the company of others with a similar enthusiasm.

The fellowship ideals of BNAPS are rooted in the belief that hard work deserves recognition. Whether it is a medal for successfully exhibiting at a BNAPS convention, the V.G. Greene and Siverts awards for excellence in writing and publishing, the enviable Order of the Beaver award for service to BNAPS and BNA philately, or any of the other numerous exhibition and service awards, BNAPS takes special efforts to ensure that the contributions of its members are recognised.
BNA Topics, the journal of BNAPS, is published quarterly and mailed to all members.  Each issue is packed with information and original articles about BNA philately.  First published in 1944, the journal is fully indexed and available online. 

The BNAPS publishing program regularly produces handbooks, catalogs and reproductions of members’ award winning exhibits to further its educational objective of expanding the understanding of BNA philately.  Editorial assistance is available to BNAPS members who would like to become published authors. 

BNAPS maintains an award-winning web site ( which provides general and specialized information about BNA philately. Included are up-to-date sources of information about society activities, links to relevant web sites and information about the history of BNAPS.

Each Fall BNAPS meets for its convention and exhibition at locations in Canada and the United States.  If you have ever attended a stamp convention or commercial bourse, and found yourself wandering about knowing practically no one, a BNAPS convention will be a real treat to you. Members are always available for conversation and fellowship.

Members enjoy access to the BNAPS exchange circuit and the opportunity of disposing of unwanted or duplicate material and acquiring new items at very reasonable prices.

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Popular areas of activity within BNAPS are the many study groups which afford members the opportunity to communicate with each other over shared interests. Each study group publishes its own newsletter (many available online) in which members exchange opinions and report findings. The Study Groups are responsible for the seminar presentations at the annual conference; and, provide an opportunity for members to discuss their recent discoveries and puzzles.

In several areas of Canada and the United States BNAPS members have formed regional groups which meet in addition to the annual convention. These meetings provide yet another opportunity for the discussion and swapping of BNA materials.

The British North America Philatelic Society Ltd.
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