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01 July 2020
Got spare stamps, mini-sheets, and covers in your collection? Join the #donateyourstamps campaign running as part of the Summer of Stamps festival, and help encourage youngsters to start collecting!

Kidstamps is a fantastic free postal club which gives young collectors…

  • A starter pack of stamps and accessories
  • Free stamps via our website competitions and newsletters
  • Details of the Stamp Active Competitions and the British Youth Stamp Championships
  • Members receive four vouchers a year that they can redeem for free stamps and first day covers

Find out more about Kidstamps here… and why not help the organisers by joining the fun #donateyourstamps campaign? Here's the simple steps to get involved and become a donate-a-stamp hero!

  1. Find spare material (stamps, particularly thematic stamps and first day covers) that you'd like to donate
  2. Share a photo of yourself with the material on our facebook, instagram or twitter pages (be sure to use the #donateyourstamps hashtag)
  3. Spread the word! Tell your friends, collecting colleagues and family, and get them involved!
  4. Most importanly, send your stamp donation to: Peter Barham, Donations & Auction Manager, Stamp Active Network, 2E Broomwood Road, Orpington, Kent, BR5 2JH

Donations are very important in resourcing the Kidstamps free postal club and the Kids Zone at Stampex and much more. As a voluntary organisation, the Stamp Active Network are entirely reliant on the gift of stamps, covers and other materials to continue our programmes.

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Be a donate-a-stamp hero today!!