Webinar: In conversation with Martin Mörck


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Discover the stamp designs and career of renowned engraver Martin Mörck this webinar recording which took place as part of the Collectors' Conference on modern stamps.

The webinar recording ‘In conversation with Martin Mörck’, is now available to view…

The webinar, part of the latest Collectors' Conference, featured a conversation with the renowned Norwegian-Swedish stamp engraver about his career, the engraving process and the many stamps he has produced over the years.

Martin Mörck is a Norwegian-Swedish artist and engraver of postage stamps and banknotes. Over the years he has designed and/or engraved more than 900 stamps, for a huge range of countries, including China, Sweden, Denmark, Jersey, Monaco, and Canada.


The webinar was hosted by Armagan Ozdinc, a prolific collector and specialist of Mörck's works.

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