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30 July 2020
One of the lesser known facts about Queen’s iconic lead singer Freddie Mercury is that he was a childhood stamp collector, and that his stamp album is part of The Postal Museum’s collection. Take a look at a selection of album pages here…

Born Farrokh Bulsara, into a Zoroastrian family in Zanzibar, ‘Freddie’ acquired his nickname in childhood. In line with his family’s religious beliefs all of his belongings were burnt upon his death in 1991, although his father Bomi decided to keep Freddie’s childhood stamp album, making it one of only a few of his personal items that still exist in the public domain.

Click on the image gallery above to view pages from the album.

id you know? Queen were celebrated with a special set of stamps earlier this year?

Read more about the album in a special blog from Gavin McGuffie, Senior Archivist at The Postal Museum.

With thanks to The Postal Museum for images:

Freddie Mercury Album with Microphone © The Postal Museum Rob Stothard
Freddie Mercury Album © The Postal Museum Rob Stothard
Other images: © The Postal Museum


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