Buying Dutch Red Cross 60th Anniversary stamps


15 May 2024
In 1927 the Dutch Red Cross celebrated its 60th anniversary and to celebrate the occasion, a set of 5 stamps were released by PostNL. All 5 stamps also had a surcharge on them that went to the Dutch Red Cross.

How much are Dutch Red Cross 60 Years’ worth? 

Finding the Dutch Red Cross stamp set in a mounted mint or used condition is no problem. A mounted set can be found for around £7, but it is always advisable to have a look at the backs of these mounted sets to make sure there aren’t too many hinge remainders or thins. Due to the age of the stamps they might have rested in numerous stamp albums since their release. 

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Above: A stamp from the release celebrating 60 years of the Dutch Red Cross shows Queen Vilhelmine

Collectors hoping for future increases in the value of their stamps should try to locate unmounted mint sets of the Dutch Red Cross 60 Years stamps. Research suggests that complete sets in this kind of quality are not very common so expect to pay around £20 for a good condition unmounted mint set. 

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When were the Dutch Red Cross stamps issued? 

The 5+3c stamp was issued on 9th June 1927 with all the others being issued on the 17th June 1927. The stamps were perforated 11½ but the 2+2c and the 7½+3½c values also exist in a slightly different perforation of 11½x12. These varieties however, don’t really change the values of the stamps. 

Above: One of the stamps depicts a red cross

Four of the stamps feature Dutch royalty, with Queen Vilhelmine being shown on the 7½c value and the top 15+5c value stamp depicts a red cross, the surcharge that would go to the Dutch Red Cross is not shown on the stamps themselves. The set of five stamps are typical examples of Dutch stamp design for the period, which was frequently rather stylised. 

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