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Discover much more about the thousands of stamps you can add to your collection with our growing archive of stamp guides. From modern issues to classic 19th-century postage stamps, our expert collecting guides give you the background information, details of varieties and advice on how to buy the stamps.

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Webinar: Stamps, the Weird and the Wonderful
Marcus Orsi and Devlan Kruck from the Museum of Philately present another expert stamp collecting webinar this time…
21 September 2021
Royal Mail's DC Comics stamps
Royal Mail's 'DC Collection' features twelve stamps each featuring a character from the popular comic book franchise,…
02 September 2021
Thematics: Mermaids on stamps
In her latest thematics guide, Katrin Raynor-Evans dives into the unusual theme of mermaids on stamps, and discovers…
02 September 2021
Thematics: Lighthouse stamps
Lighthouses are a hugely popular theme and Katrin Raynor-Evans has spent many happy holidays on the coast, spotting…
26 August 2021
Thematics: Wonderful Weather!
With the British summer in full swing, Katrin Raynor-Evans grabs her umbrella and sun-screen and takes a look at the…
19 August 2021
Stade de Luxembourg
The opening of the new national football and rugby stadium is celebrated on a €0.80 stamp.
19 August 2021
Monaco Museum of Stamps and Coins
The Office des Timbres celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Monaco Museum of Stamps and Coins with a four-stamp…
19 August 2021
Film posters
In partnership with the Audiovisual Institute of Monaco, the Stamp Issuing Office is continuing its new cinema series…
19 August 2021
Stamp Day 2021
The Villa Bourg is depicted on Luxembourg's Stamp Day design for 2021.
19 August 2021

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