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Stamp Quiz #2 - test your stamp knowledge
Improve your grasp of philately and you’ll soon improve your stamp collection, and gain much more satisfaction from the…
19 February 2021
Kirkja & Hattarvík
Fugloy, the Faroe Islands' easternmost island, is divided in two settlements, each with their own identity, as shown on…
19 February 2021
Transplanted: Immigrant Stories
Leaving a home and settling in a new one are universal human experiences, commemorated in this sheet of stamps by the…
19 February 2021
Only Fools and Horses
Royal Mail celebrates the fortieth anniversary of the much-loved British sitcom Only Fools and Horses with a set of…
17 February 2021
Marking the centenary of the Royal British Legion
Guernsey Post will release commemorative stamps to mark the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Royal British…
17 February 2021
Historic maps feature on Jersey Stamps
Six historic maps documenting Jersey’s cartographic history are to feature on a set of stamps to be issued by Jersey…
17 February 2021
Bailiwick aircraft on Guernsey Post & Go
Guernsey Post’s philatelic bureau recently released a new set of Post & Go stamps depicting some of the best-known…
17 February 2021
50 years of decimalisation
Guernsey Post’s philatelic bureau is delighted to announce the release of a new set of commemorative stamps, which…
15 February 2021
Guernsey Stamps 2020
Discover much more about the range of special stamps issued by Guernsey Post during 2020.
08 February 2021

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