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Jersey Stamps 2020
Discover much more about the range of special stamps issued by Jersey Post during 2020.
08 February 2021
The Faroes' underwater roundabout
There are some engineering achievements that deserve recognition and the Eysturoy Tunnel fits into that category with…
08 February 2021
Clematis Gold miniature sheet
Guernsey Post has announced the launch of Clematis Gold, a new miniature sheet series depicting award-winning clematis,…
07 February 2021
Your guide to Penny Red stamps
The Penny Red stamp was Britain's second stamp design and replaced the famous Penny Black. Discover much more about the…
31 January 2021
Year of the Ox
Guernsey release stamps to celebrate the Year of the Ox, the eighth set in its Chinese New Year series, which begins on…
26 January 2021
Greta Thunberg appears on Swedish stamp
An illustration of the climate activist Greta Thunberg features on a new stamp from Sweden, part of their recently…
16 January 2021
Songbird franking labels arouse joys of spring
On 2 February, Åland Post will issue a new series of franking labels depicting four musically gifted small birds:…
08 January 2021
Test your knowledge with our regular Stamp Quiz
Improve your grasp of philately and you’ll soon improve your stamp collection, and gain much more satisfaction from the…
06 January 2021
Stamp Quiz #1 Answers
No peeking! Here are the answers to the philatelic quiz, see how many you got right!
06 January 2021

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