Latvia stamps feature historical ships


19 February 2024
Latvijas Pasts recently released the latest in its series of stamps featuring Historical Ships of the 19th Century. The time, a €1.65 stamp features the two-masted gaff schooner named Jupiters.

Built in Vitrupe in 1929 by master builder J Plūme, Jupiters was a classic, coastal timber-carrying sailing ship, but it stands out among two-masted gaff schooners for its substantial hull, large sails, lifting capacity and speed. It was in operation from 1929 to 1935.

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Robust, manoeuvrable and safe to navigate with a small crew, Latvian ships traversed the waters of Europe and the globe, in addition to making voyages along the coast of Latvia.

Latvijas Pasts launched the series in 2016 to honour the period of rapid development of Latvian seafaring and shipbuilding in the 19th century.

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Six stamps have been released in this series so far, featuring:

  • the sailing ship Andreas Weide built in Ainaži in 1891
  • the four-masted gaff schooner Abraham constructed in Ventspils in 1891
  • the four-masted motor-sailing ship Eurasia made in Engure Municipality in 1925
  • the three-masted barquentine Mercator built in Ainaži in 1895
  • the gaff schooner Eufrosine, a three-masted sailing ship constructed in Plieņciems in 1902
  • the brigantine Anna Wictoria, a two-masted sailing ship built in Ainaži in 1878; and now the Jupiters.