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Canadian stamp set to raise millions
The Canada Post Community Foundation recently announced that 118 organisations across the country will receive $1.3…
19 November 2020
British Christmas stamps 2020
Royal Mail’s Christmas 2020 stamps feature a series of six stained-glass Nativity scenes based on the windows of…
03 November 2020
Faroe Islands Stamps: Franking Labels 2020
The theme for this year's franking labels is hay harvesting.
01 November 2020
Irish stamps honour U2
An Post has unveiled four special stamps celebrating the music of rock band U2, who have sold more than 175 million…
31 October 2020
10 facts about the 1840 Penny Black stamp
Discover fascinating facts about one of the world's most famous stamps. How many do you know?
27 October 2020
Discover the rare Fiji Times Express stamps
Mike Jackson describes a reconstructed sheet of the rare Fiji Times Express stamps, which formed part of the King George…
21 October 2020
Rare Stamps - Kirkcudbright Penny Black first day cover
Discover the most treasured 'first day cover' in the world, known as the Kirkcudbright Penny Black first day cover, in…
14 October 2020
Reassessing Colonial Stamps
The statues of figures involved in the slave trade have long created impassioned debate and recently protesters have…
13 October 2020
Jersey Stamps: Tales from the Sea
As an island, Jersey’s culture, identity and history have all been moulded by the ocean. As such, it is no surprise that…
06 October 2020

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