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John Lennon's childhood stamp album
John Lennon’s childhood stamp album, which includes 565 stamps on more than 150 pages, was acquired by the Smithsonian…
08 July 2020
Week One: festival videos, exhibits and more
The Summer of Stamps virtual festival is here, bringing you expert videos, exhibits, articles and guides on a daily…
08 July 2020
Stamps honour rock band Queen
Royal Mail's set of thirteen Special Stamps celebrate one of the UK’s most popular rock groups, Queen, who celebrate…
23 June 2020
Jersey Stamps: Harry Vardon – 150th Birth Anniversary
This year marks the 150th birth anniversary of world-renowned golfer, Harry Vardon, and Jersey are celebrating his…
02 June 2020
Owls In Botswana: African Scops
BotswanaPost has revealed the second stamp issue for 2020, with the title 'Owls In Botswana: African Scops'.
02 June 2020
Faroe Islands Stamps: Ludwig van Beethoven - 250th Anniversary
The colourful, vibrant philatelic tribute to Beethoven sees the great composer dressed in the Faroese national costume,…
01 June 2020
Stamp set celebrates Coronation Street at 60
Sixty years after the first episode of soap opera Coronation Street was broadcast, Royal Mail have issued eight stamps…
12 May 2020
Faroe Islands Stamps: National Gallery Art (SEPAC)
A single stamp celebrates the intriguing work of art entitled 'Moon Pigeons' by Faroese artist Díðrikur á Skarvanesi…
07 May 2020
Norway stamp marks end of war
Norway have issued a single stamp to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. The NOK 17.00 value…
07 May 2020

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