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Welcome to the website, your online guide to the world of stamp collecting, and the home of the hugely popular Stamp Collector magazine. Find out more about Stamp Collector below and take advantage of our special offers.

Introducing Stamp Collector magazine

Stamp Collector magazine is your monthly guide to the world of stamps and stamp collecting, bringing you all the information and inspiration you need to build your collection. It's quickly becoming the world's favourite stamp collecting magazine!

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More about Stamp Collector magazine

Brought to you by the team behind the allaboutstamps website, every issue of Stamp Collector brings you…

• Expert advice on buying and selling stamps
• In-depth collecting guides with tips and values
• Stamp stories and article celebrating the history and design of stamps
• News, views, new issues and price updates

Originally called Stamp & Coin Mart, the magazine became Stamp Collector at the start of 2019 and is now 100% dedicated to stamps and postal history, with the quarterly sister title Coin Collector launched at the same time.

The magazine is available in print and digital editions, and a subscription allows you to save money on the usual cover price.

Introducing the allaboutstamps website

Your online guide to the world of stamps, stamp collecting and postal history, is quickly becoming the world's favourite philatelic website. Thousands of collectors enjoy…

  • Your guide to new stamps, including guides from post office partners
  • A 'Buy & Sell' section dedicated to helping you grow your collection
  • A huge library of stamp guides, to help you grow your knowledge 
  • The latest news from the hobby
  • Competitions! We give you the chance to win the latest GB stamps

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