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How much is a forever stamp?
The 'Forever' stamp issued by the United States Postal Service (USPS) now costs 55 cents, although once purchased the…
08 April 2019
What is a philatelist?
The term 'philatelist' refers to a person who collects stamps. Find out more about philatelists with our quick guide…
05 April 2019
What is a revenue stamp?
A revenue stamp is used to collect taxes or fees. Revenue stamps are added to products or relevant documents to signify…
02 April 2019
What is postal history?
Postal history is the study and collecting of letters (known as 'covers'), with particular interest paid to how the mail…
23 November 2018
What is philately?
Philately is the study of postage stamps, postal history, and the history of the postal system. Find out more in our…
02 October 2018
Stamp collecting for beginners guide: Why collect stamps?
We reveal what makes stamp collecting such a popular activity with our guide on stamp collecting for beginners.
07 August 2018
Stamp collecting glossary - a guide to philatelic jargon
The jargon of stamp collecting is explained in our glossary of philatelic terms
01 May 2018
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