Five websites to help your collecting


20 March 2020
The global pandemic means many of us are staying inside, and whilst our health and safety is the clear priority, the unprecedented situation could give us more time to focus on our stamp collections. In this quick guide we pick out five websites to help you carry on collecting…

All About Stamps
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The Postal Museum Archive

Whilst The Postal Museum is currently closed the online resources mean you can still explore the country’s postal past from your home. The online catalogue is fully searchable and includes records from holdings including The Royal Mail Archive, the official records kept by Royal Mail, the Post Office, and their predecessors from the 17th century onwards; the museum and philatelic collections; and the library of reference books, journals and other publications.

The Smithsonian National Postal Museum

The Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum is dedicated to the preservation, study and presentation of postal history and philately, and the website reflects this goal very well. At the time of writing virtual exhibitions included ‘Women on Stamps’, ‘The Black Experience: African-Americans on Postage Stamps’, and ‘Lincoln from Postmaster to President’. The website also offers a wide range of research articles and ‘Topical Reference ages’, and whilst the site is largely dedicated to American stamps and postal history, there are still many pages worthy of your time.

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Global Philatelic Library

In 2010 the Royal Philatelic Society London (RPSL) embarked on an initiative to build the RPSL Catalogue, a single database giving details of all of the artefacts that it holds in its headquarters in London. Today the resource incorporates significant philatelic libraries from all over the world and is known as the ‘Global Philatelic Library’.


British Library Philatelic Collections

The collections at London’s British Library are usually open to the public, whilst philatelists can book an appointment to aid their research at the reading room. But there’s plenty of reading on the website too, including a range of ‘collection guides’. of course, you can also keep up to date with the Collections with Stamp Collector, as we often feature articles from the curators.