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Stamp Quiz #3 - test your stamp knowledge
Improve your grasp of philately and you’ll soon improve your stamp collection, and gain much more satisfaction from the…
05 May 2021
Stamp Quiz Answers (3)
No peeking! Here are the answers to the philatelic quiz, see how many you got right!
05 May 2021
Stamp jigsaw puzzle - Penny Black
Have a go at this interactive jigsaw puzzle featuring the world famous Penny Black stamp, first used on 6 May 1840. How…
05 May 2021
Stamp jigsaw puzzle
Have a go at this interactive jigsaw puzzle featuring France's 'Ceres Head' stamp, and find out more about the…
04 May 2021
What is a charity stamp?
For almost 130 years, postal authorities have been issuing stamps with added surcharges to raise money for charity. Find…
03 February 2021
The BTA is ZOOMing along!
After much thought and planning Wednesday 9th December witnessed the first virtual British Thematic Association (BTA)…
19 January 2021
The Great Britain Philatelic Society
The GBPS was founded in 1955 by a small but enthusiastic group of collectors in order to promote, encourage, and…
08 January 2021
‘My Favourite Things’ competition for young collectors
Stamp Active Network (SAN) has announced this year’s one page competition open to collectors up to the age of eighteen,…
22 December 2020
A timeline of British stamps and monarchs
Before you embark on a stamp collection covering stamps from 1840 to date, a quick revision of our monarchs may be…
15 October 2020

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