When will William H. Gross sell his single stamp collection?


11 April 2024
Following the 2018-20 sales of United States treasures, multiple stamps, postal history and 1847 first issue stamps from the collection of William H. Gross, stamp collectors have been wondering when he is going to sell his collection of single stamps, the time has come.

What’s being sold? 

Charles F Shreve and Tracy L Carey in association with Robert A Siegel are offering Gross’ Scott US National Album. This particular Stamp album is said to be Gross’ favourite. Not only does it feature the rarest of US stamps but it represents the goal of every stamp collector from beginner to advanced because this album is complete. The sale of this stamp album is expected to make between $15 and $20 million. 

Over a period of 13 years Mr Gross has succeeded in checking off every Scott number on his want list. In 2005, he acquired the 1 c Z grill (Scott 85A) which filled the final space in the album. This purchase has been described as the ‘Greatest Stamp Swap in history’, when Donald Sundman and Charles Shreve traded the famous 1 c Z grill for the 24¢ inverted Jenny plate block, which had previously been bought by Mr Gross for $2.97 million. 

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The Z grill 

From grilled stamp issues of 1867-68, the coveted Z grill is one of only two known examples, the other has been held in the New York Public Library for nearly 100 years. This makes the 1 c Z grill being sold as part of this collection the only one available for stamp collectors to buy and has an estimate of $4 - $5 million. This will be the opportunity for one other stamp collector to reach their goal and complete their stamp collection.

1 c stamp15 c stamp

What else is up for sale?

Other rarities are also up for sale, giving stamp collectors the opportunity to obtain unused and rare stamps. These include a 15c Z grill (Scott 85F), of which just two are known and is another multi-million-dollar stamp being sold with an estimate of $1 - $2 million. The Postmasters’ Provisionals also feature the uncancelled Alexandria 5c on buff paper (estimate $3 - $4 million) and the Milbury 5c with original gum (estimate $150,000 - $200,000). 

Alexandria Stamp24 cents stamp

The 1c 1851 Type I (Scott 5) unused single (with its adjoining pair of Scott 5A) is an opportunity for collectors to get their hands on one of the few unused examples of this rare stamp. The 24¢ Continental (Scott 164) is also available and the only recorded example of this rarity. In 20th century issues, the rarest coils (Scott 316 and 321), position 69 of the famous 24c Inverted Jenny and the rotary press rarities (Scott 596 and 613) are also available at auction.

The sale will take place between 14th- 15th June 2024. On Friday 14th June, the top 100 rarest and most valuable lots will be offered in an evening auction at the Lotte New York Palace Hotel. On Saturday 15th June, the remaining items will be offered in a sale at the new Collectors Club of New York location.