Stamp auction results round-up: September 2019


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26 September 2019
Highlights from the latest stamp auctions around the world, including the record-breaking sale of an incredibly rare 1913 50ct Olten Airmail Pioneer.

The Rhodesia 1910-1913 ‘Double Head’ issues, are among the most popular and widely collected postage stamp series of the British Empire. They were originally planned as a commemorative issue (the tenth anniversary of the reign of King Edward VII ), but due to the untimely death of the king in 1910, King George V consented to having the portraits of himself and his wife, Queen Mary, used on the stamps.

A mint collection of the ‘Double Heads’ in various shades to £1 was included in the British Commonwealth section of the recent Warwick and Warwick auction which went on to sell for £1,500.


The New Amsterdam Collection of United States Rarities recently went under the hammer at Cherrystone Philatelic Auctions. Amongst the highlights was a 15c Z Grill (pictured), an ‘Inverted Jenny’ (which fetched £322,309) and a 30c Flags Inverted error (sold for £230,221), three of the USA’s most famous stamp rarities.

SOLD FOR £1,289,239

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A range of Spanish Civil War material was recently offered by Cavendish Philatelic Auctions, and featured a collection of censored mail with an interesting range of Republican censor handstamps. Highlights included  a boxed ‘COMITE DE MILICIAS ANTIASCISTAS/Departamento de investigacion/intervecion de Correspondencia/BARCELONA’ handstamp and a framed red ‘CENSURA/DE/BADAJOZ’ handstamp.


This Signature sale of the Dr Dunlop Collection of Switzerland took place at Stanley Gibbons’ auction rooms recently, with the total realisations reaching £110,995. Among the highlights was an incredibly rare 1913 50ct Olten Airmail Pioneer, selling for £4500, more than double the pre-sale estimate.

SOLD FOR £4,500

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