UPA October sale highlights


13 October 2022
The UPA October stamp auction featured nearly 23,000 individual lots, including a spectacular range of the Baghdad overprints, and an estimate value of over £2 million.

The recent UPA stamp auction featured a range of rare Baghdad overprints.

The Ottoman Empire had attempted to destroy stocks of Turkish stamps before evacuating the city but failed to do so, providing a supply of stamps that could be overprinted by the British Forces for local use.

1917 six-pointed Star 1a on 20pa (SG S54a), fresh, fine m.m. RPS Cert. (2018). Cat £1500 {MH}

SOLD FOR £1160

    1917 (date between) 1a on 10pa on 20pa, light hinge thin at top edge, very fresh, m.m. RPS Cert. (2019). Signed T. Allen. Cat £700 {MH}  


1917 (date between) 2a on 1pi (red ovpt..), well centred, fresh, h/r, fine m.m. RPS Cert. (2019) Cat £600 {MH} 


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1917 additionally ovptd. small star 1a on 20pa (Castle), very fresh, very fine mint. RPS Cert. (2018) Cat £900 {MH}


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UPA were first approached in 2013 by a collector who had spent 40 years assembling a vast and valuable British Empire collection including a spectacular range of the Baghdad overprints.

Truly amazing collection

UPA Managing Director Andrew McGavin met the client, provided a written insurance estimate and when asked how much he owed for the valuation, Andrew expressed a wish that hopefully his company may one day handle the collection so there would be no charge for valuing what he had enjoyed viewing.

He also mentioned that the Baghdad stamps were widely forged and as they did not have certificates this would be reflected in their value.

Andrew was therefore delighted when some nine years later, the client asked UPA to handle the sale of his collection.

Andrew explains:

‘Imagine my surprise nine years later, every single Baghdad stamp had been sent to the Royal Philatelic Society for a certificate, and every single one had a genuine no faults RPS certificate endorsed "AFTER CONSULTATION". Truly amazing.'

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