Europa theme changed to promote peace


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24 May 2022
Following a recent PostEurop Board of Directors meeting, the 2023 Europa stamp theme has been updated to reflect the situation in Ukraine.

The theme for 2023 will now be ‘PEACE – the highest value of humanity’, a topic proposed by the Urkainian post office, Ukrposhta,  in order ‘to show solidarity with Ukraine and to promote the universal value for all humanity – peace’.

The 2023 theme will be based on a common design to be selected via a design competition.

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The change of topic means that previously planned theme of ‘Underwater Fauna & Flora’ will now be celebrated in 2024 and ‘National Archaeological Discoveries’ has been postponed to 2025.

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The PostEurop Board of Directors also decided that Russia and Belarus are allowed to issue their 2022 EUROPA Stamps under the ‘Stories & Myths’ theme given their membership status at the time of the call for publication and following the existing EUROPA guidelines.

However, Russia and Belarus would not be included in the 2022 Most Beautiful EUROPA Stamps competition which invites members of the public to vote for their favourite stamp, with the result set to be announced in September 2022.

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