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08 March 2021
Spring is in the air and our hobby is in rude health despite the obvious challenges we've all faced over the past year, writes Matt Hill as he reflects on how the hobby continues to thrive…

As I write there’s a growing feeling of optimism around the country. Spring has sprung and many of us are daring to look forward to a time when we can get out and about, visit stamp events and meet fellow collectors in person.

Virtual Stampex takes place later this month and the latest collectors’ conference at was a great success.

The organisers of the popular York Stamp & Coin Fair are planning to return in July, with many traders keenly supporting the move. Whilst much remains uncertain, and safety will remain paramount, the return of this major fair is another example of life returning to some kind of normality.

Meanwhile in New York, the world's most expensive stamp, the British Guiana One-Cent Magenta, is set to be sold again. It might not be quite within our reach, but the sales of the unique is sure to put collecting in the spotlight. 

So what have we learned and where has the lockdowns left stamp collecting?

The world of stamp collecting has more than met the challenge and the future is looking bright. Over the past year auction houses around the world have continued to hold sales, mints have issued beautiful designs, and dealers have thrived online.

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At home, we’ve all become used to using technology to keep in contact with colleagues and loved ones (phrases such as ‘you’re on mute!’ and ‘just let me share my screen’ have become commonplace); put simply, the internet has allowed us to keep collecting and in many ways made the collecting world a much smaller place.

As restrictions relax collecting will have the best of both worlds.

Our new-found confidence with technology, coupled with a gradual return to physical events and meetings, means the hobby is in a really strong position. The added bonus is that many people have discovered collecting during the lockdowns, meaning there is a growing number of newcomers to the hobby.

Indeed, there have never been so many collectors receiving Stamp Collector through the post - why not join them? 

I am sure you, like me, will welcome beginners and give them all the support they need to get the most from our wonderful hobby.

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