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03 February 2021
The team behind the allaboutstamps website and Stamp Collector magazine have launched a campaign to have a charity stamp issued to celebrate the life of Captain Sir Tom Moore, who sadly passed away this week.

Captain Sir Tom Moore has been an inspirational figure in the UK's fight against Covid19. Following his sad passing earlier this week, we are now asking Royal Mail if they will issue a special charity stamp to honour the man and his inspirational charity work in 2020.

A special stamp celebrating his life and his fundraising would be a fitting tribute to both him and the many key workers and fundraisers who have come together to help the fight against this horrible virus.

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We believe the special stamp should be a charity (or 'semi-postal' stamp) with a portion of the revenue from sales going to a suitable charity, or to the NHS.

What is a charity stamp? Find out in our special guide.

According to the Royal Mail, their special stamps are 'the ultimate picture story of our nation. In minute artistic detail 50 years of British stamps have mapped over 2,000 years of British history – from Roman occupation to the internet age.'

The life and achievements of Captain Tom are surely an important part of the story of our nation – and another way for us to come together and raise funds to tackle the Covid19 pandemic.

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Official response from Royal Mail

We asked Royal Mail to respond to the campaign and a Royal Mail spokesperson told us:

"We were deeply sorry to hear of the passing of Captain Sir Tom Moore. We send our sincere condolences to his family and loved ones. In a very short space of time he won the hearts of millions of people, as well as setting a new charity fundraising record in support of the NHS.

"We painted a Special Postbox in his honour outside his local Post Office, which remains in place today. The Special Stamps programme has already been finalised for this year but we will consider the inclusion of this national hero for a future stamp."

What do you think?

Share your thoughts on this idea with us by emailing [email protected]

You can also share your views on our Facebook page and in New Stamps Facebook group.


Photograph of Captain Tom: Emma Sohl