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07 July 2015
imports_CCGB_kidstampsoffersyoungpe_23102.png Kidstamps offers young people free stamps and information on collecting
The Stamp Active Network are looking for volunteers to help run the Kidstamps free postal club which encourages young people to collect stamps by providing free stamps and information ...
‘The Stamp Active Network urgently needs more help,’ says Chairman John Davies following the news that the long-running organisers of the Kidstamps free postal club, Maureen and Tim Cory, have had to stand down.

‘Without a new administrator, there is a danger that the free postal club for children may have to close,’ John explained. ‘The work involves preparing the gift packs of stamps and first day covers for the children and sending them out about four times a year to the members of Kidstamps using SAEs supplied by the children. There are about 250 new members every year.’

Speaking to Stamp & Coin Mart, Maureen Cory said: ‘Tim and I would like to send a big thank you to all those who have supported us over the past eight years. We decided to step down from the running of Kidstamps stamp club in the spring to finally enjoy our retirement. It would have been impossible to run such a successful club without the help and encouragement of a number of philatelists who not only sent us endless donations of philatelic material, but were very supportive.’

If you feel you could help, please contact the Chairman of the Stamp Active Network, John Davies on e-mail: [email protected]; tel: 01295 255831. Find out more about the Stamp Active Network at the website:

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