Major new GB Victorian discovery


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02 January 2020
Hampshire-based stamp dealers Rushstamps have revealed details of a major new discovery.

The rare stamp is an 1883 2/6 Lilac on ‘Blued Paper’ and with ‘Inverted Watermark’, and is said to be one of just ‘a handful of used examples known of the later printing on ‘White Paper’.’

The statement from the traders continues:

‘This stamp was thought to exist, but has not been seen before, postmarked “London EC December 1st 1884” during the period when only printed on “Blued Paper” existed.’

Eric Friedman of Rushstamps said:

‘This is an amazing discovery that has laid in a private collection of classic Great Britain stamps some 25 years, with a Brandon Certificate. We are now selling it on behalf of the owner and enquiries are invited.’

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Meanwhile, Rushstamps have also revealed details of another recently discovered rarity: a  Bahamas 1921 1d Red with ‘Inverted Watermark’, Fine Used.

‘This very rare unlisted variety has been seen by Stanley Gibbons and will receive a Catalogue listing in the next edition’, the Hampshire stamp experts confirmed.

For more information contact Rushstamps or visit the website:

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