New Marianne stamps for France


14 September 2018
The French President Emmanuel Macron recently unveiled the new face of the country’s famous ‘Marianne’ definitive stamps, which had been reproduced on the walls of the city of Périgueux.

The new stamps feature a design created by two female artists, composed of ‘YZ’, a French graphist living in Abidjan, and Elsa Catelin, engraver of the La Poste Group’s printing press.

A statement from La Poste read:

‘The Marianne chosen by the President of the Republic has a frank look. Volunteer, hair free like her mind, she is upright, honest and sure of her way. She embodies the new generation Republican pact.’

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The unveiling of the new Marianne took place on the edge of Périgueux in the Toulon district, where the artist YZ took two nights to reproduce the work in large format on one of the walls of the city.

The La Poste release explained:

‘Emmanuel Macron wanted to unveil the visual in the heart of the creative environment of the artist on a 16x11m fresco in the district of Toulon.’

The new design will be used for all definitive stamps, including the green and red stamps, and on international rate stamps.