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30 September 2022
The November issue of Stamp Collector magazine will be a special commemorative issue reflecting the remarkable reign of Queen Elizabeth II and the many thousands of stamps issued since 1952.

Following the sad news of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, the November issue of Stamp Collector will be a special commemorative issue, reflecting on her remarkable reign and the many thousands of stamps issued since 1952.

Solely dedicated to the ‘Elizabethan stamp era’, the souvenir magazine will chart the story of QEII definitives, look back on the ‘Wildings’ and iconic ‘Machin’, and will detail a huge range of QEII stamps selected by experts and readers.

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Editor Matt Hill said: 

'In the last few weeks, the nation, indeed the world, has come together to mourn the loss of a hugely influential figure.

'We have all reflected on the incredible life and reign of the Queen, and of course, our hobby may seem trivial in comparison. Yet stamps are so much more than just ‘collectables’, and as time passes we can begin to look back and celebrate the second Elizabethan era, and the thousands upon thousands of stamps issued featuring the portrait of Elizabeth II.

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'These stamps give us a unique way to chart history and tell the Queen’s story.

'This commemorative issue features a range of guides to QEII stamps, charting and celebrating the evolution of design over seven decades, and selecting just some of the many notable stamps to have been issued during this time.'