Royal Mail issue letter of apology following D-Day stamp mix-up


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28 December 2018
Following news that Royal Mail used an incorrect image on the D-Day landing stamps planned for June 2019, Stephen Agar, Managing Director, Letters, has written a letter of apology to allaboutstamps website

The letter, issued by Royal Mail on 28 December, just hours after news of the incorrect image usage was revealed, reads as follows:

Sir or Madam,

I am writing to express my deep regret that the preview of our 2019 Special Stamps included a stamp design which was incorrectly associated with the D-Day landings. 

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I am sincerely sorry for this mistake and the hurt it has caused, in particular to veterans and those who lost loved ones. I would like to reassure them, our people and our customers that this stamp will not be part of our set to mark the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

We are asking veterans’ associations to share this message with their members. I hope to work with some of them to ensure the final stamps reflect the significance of the D-Day landings and the courage and sacrifice of those who took part.

Nonetheless, we have let you down. On behalf of Royal Mail, I would like to say again how sorry I am.

Stephen Agar
Managing Director, Letters
Royal Mail Group