Royal Mail reveal 'Brexit' stamps


15 January 2021
A four-stamp miniature sheet celebrates some of the United Kingdom’s greatest strengths and accomplishments, in a stamp set that is a subtle nod to the UK leaving the European Union.

Royal Mail recently unveiled a four stamp miniature sheet ‘in celebration of the United Kingdom’s greatest strengths and accomplishments’ and to ‘explore just some of the ways in which Britain leads the way’, in what many observers suggest is a Brexit-inspired issue.

Calls for a Brexit stamp have been heard ever since the 2016 referendum result was revealed, with many ‘leavers’ wanting to mark the historic departure from the European Union with a special issue, similar to the 50p coin which was issued by The Royal Mint in early 2020. Now, a mini sheet of stamps has been released, just fifteen days after the UK’s official departure from the EU.

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No mention of Brexit is made on the stamp designs themselves, but the information on the presentation pack includes the text: ‘These are just some of the strengths and qualities that will play an ever more important role now the UK has left the European Union.’ These strengths and qualities are ‘Sport’, ‘Community’, ‘Industry and Innovation’, and ‘Creativity’.