Spanish stamp issue halted by court


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06 December 2022
The release of a 75c stamp marking the 100th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of Spain, announced earlier this year, has been halted by a judge. 

The single stamp was set to be issued on 12 November, but just two days before the release a Madrid court issued a temporary injunction, with the case set to be reviewed further.

Featuring a hammer and sickle and a red star, the lawsuit was brought about by the Spanish Foundation of Christian Lawyers.

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The suit described the stamps as ‘the exaltation of a political party that committed crimes’, whilst the president of the Foundation, Polonia Castellanos, wrote via Twitter: ‘we defend the neutrality of institutions. That is why we celebrate that justice proves us right and that it forces Correos not to circulate this stamp that promotes communism.’

According to a American Philatelic Society report by Bob Lamb, Alberto Garzón, the current Minister of Consumer Affairs and a member of the Communist Party of Spain (PCE) said the decision was ‘shameful’ and called the court’s decision an ‘attack by the heirs of the [Franco] dictatorship.’